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Robin Frost Specializes in Ranch and Country Properties located throughout the East Bay region. She is an Equine Real Estate Specialist, ranch owner and part of the community for decades.

She has been around horses her whole life and has an extensive background in breeding, riding and training. Some 20+ years ago she decided to specialize in ranch and country properties because she felt that there was a definite need for someone who understood the needs and desires of people with horses and those who wanted to experience the country style of living.




Many years ago, before she ventured into Real Estate, her family set out in search of ranch property. They had a few agents who were very good at their job but didn't speak the language of "horse property community". Robin ended up doing all of the research on the properties without any assistance from the agent. She decided that when she did go into Real Estate, she would be very beneficial to buyers and sellers alike with her years of experience in the horse community.

Over the years, she has gained a wealth of knowledge in:

  • Trainers
  • Hay Suppliers
  • Stall Bedding Suppliers
  • Barns
  • Fencing
  • Contractors for well and septic

The list goes on! She also knows where the neighboring trail access (staging areas) and riding clubs are.

  As a ranch owner herself, she is extremely qualified in assisting property buyers purchasing horse property as well as sellers selling property and is very knowledgeable in the different types of horse people and property that is out there. She will make a point of finding and marketing the right type of property for Your very special need! She knows the marketplace in the San Francisco Bay Area (California) and knows where and how to market her listings.
  Robin has developed an extensive, unique marketing program to GET YOUR PROPERTY SOLD! Robin also markets Bay Area properties to the Asian and European Countries and has had great success! She can also assist with a relocation program with many contacts and programs geared towards buyers and sellers that are extremely beneficial. Ask her about it!
  Robin loves doing what she does. The job is challenging and yet so much fun! She loves working with people who also share the same love of the Country life, a life that she has been so lucky to share with her family for so many wonderful, happy years!
  Robin P. Frost
Cal DRE 01039978
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Robin's Ranches
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